Spontaneous Trip to Spiritwood

My parents were spending the weekend painting my grandparents’ house, so I decided to drive up to visit them all for the day. It was a rainy day, which honestly added to the beauty of the drive. Everything was so green and fresh, and it’s an area covered in little lakes and sloughs among the rolling hills. There were multiple times that I looked out my car window and my only response to the scenes was “OH MY GOD SO PRETTY!” This area is super gorgeous and I’m looking forward to seeing it lit up with fall colours. The little Blaine Lake Library is one of my favourites – it’s so cute! On the way home, I was graced by a lovely double rainbow.


Cranberry Flats

My oh my, I love this place so much. It’s beyond beautiful and there are opportunities for nearly endless exploring. It was a lovely sunny day and all the blues and greens were so vibrant.


The birds and bugs were singing and I made a few Boomerangs of the rustling grasses and chasing grasshoppers.

Las Vegas Adventure

I turned 21 this April, so my awesome parents took me to Vegas! We had a great time exploring the Strip and went on an adventure to Ethel M Chocolates and Cactus Garden one afternoon. Mom and Dad: thank you, thank you, thank you for this fun trip and the memories we made!

I hadn’t been on an airplane since 2011, so it was cool to see the teeny tiny things of the world again. Nevada had cool, circular agricultural plots – it was neat to see the different ways we ag in different climates. (Excuse my ag geekery.) The mountains were their typical beautiful and majestic selves, and I love me some clouds.

We flew early on a Sunday morning, so then we had all day to explore. My parents had been to the city twice before, but there was still a lot they hadn’t seen, so it was great that we got to do that together. I had done quite a lot of searching on Google before we went, so I had a list of things I really wanted to see and do. (Spontaneity clearly isn’t really my thing…)

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