Feeling static in 2019

With being stuck in school for eight and a half months of the year and needing to work a summer job, I don’t have much time for seeking out adventures lately. I have my 3-day trip to LA to look forward to in April, but the rest of my year is looking quite boring.

I live in a great city and haven’t taken advantage of that fact – something that I am going to try to change this year! Being a strongly introverted homebody, I tend to be okay with staying at home and doing nothing, but sometimes I want need to have adventures! I have thought of a few ideas to get myself out and about in lovely Saskatoon.

  1. Visit 5 local businesses.
  2. Check out a big event.
  3. Tour a brewery.
  4. Spend an afternoon surrounded by trees in a park.
  5. Visit 3 new food and drink establishments.
  6. Go out and take in the nightlife at least once.
  7. Go to a new museum.
  8. Explore a historical site.

I may not be able to travel the world yet, but I’m going to try my best to explore locally!


Spontaneously booked a trip to LA!

Anyone who knows me well knows that “spontaneous” is not a word that describes me. At all… But this morning my brother suggested that we book flights to LA at the end of April while a one-day sale was on, so we did just that!

palm trees

We will be there when the Blue Jays are playing against the Angels, which is our main reason for taking a trip together. We have been talking about it for a few years, and the timing worked out so well for this series that we couldn’t resist!


And: DISNEYLAND. Of course we’ll be heading back to visit our favourite Disney characters and hit up the best rides. We first went to Disneyland when we were in grades 4 and 7, so it will be so cool and nostalgic to visit the park again.


The perfect timing of this trip also matches up with the end of my school year. So it will be something to look forward to and it’ll feel like a reward for surviving another hard year of studying vet med.

With Christmas break approaching, I’m excited to do a tiny bit of planning and thinking about what I want to do in LA as an adult. (Again, I am not spontaneous and must plan!)

This trip is going to be so much fun!

Art at Remai Modern

Mom and I visited the art gallery and were… confused. There wasn’t very much art on display, and the featured artist in two of the four galleries made his art out of some very interesting materials. (AKA garbage in our opinions.) The pieces in the staircases were my favourites, so I guess that’s that…

We went down to the riverside after our visit and soaked up some sun.