~ Traveller ~ Wayfarer ~ Explorer ~ Trekker ~ Pathfinder ~

Travel, adventure, travel, and more travel! I want to see and explore so much of our planet. I think it’s big and beautiful and needs to be appreciated by all of us. I hope to make it to as many countries as I can and immerse myself in different cultures around the world. I haven’t made it outside of North America yet, but I will someday!

Adventuretta was born out of a random brain wave and the fact that my mom used to call me Princessetta sometimes (a version of Princess Atta from A Bug’s Life). The suffix -etta means small in Italian, and I think this describes me pretty well: small adventurer!

I share random things about me on The Life and Times of Rayna Leigh and the little things that matter to me on Rule Number 32, so this blog will be reserved solely for documenting my travels and adventures. I grew up in Lloydminster, which is on the border of Saskatchewan and Alberta, and so far I’ve mainly had local adventures. All of the little things I’ve done added up to a pretty awesome childhood. Most of my vacations have been with my family, but I plan on doing more solo travel in the future. I’m excited to see where in the world my wanderlust will take me!

This blog is really more just for me as a way to remember all of the adventures I have gone on, both big and small, but if you enjoy it – that’s great too! Let me know any cool or beautiful places that I should add to my Bucket List. 🙂


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