Discovery Pass

Discovery Pass

Yay for getting in to National Parks for free this year, but too bad they are all far away from me…


Ten Must-Have Road Trip Songs

My need for good music on a road trip is non-negotiable. Songs must be catchy or groovy enough to dance to. I have carefully crafted many playlists over the years of current and favorite songs. These are ten songs I currently must have on a road trip playlist, the most recent of which I termed Road Trip Party Jams. You’ll notice that it’s all country. 😉

Traveller ~ Chris Stapleton


All the Way to Me ~ Dierks Bentley


Springsteen ~ Eric Church

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Because I’m going to be posting so many trips and adventures from when I was a kid, I’ve had to get a bunch of pictures from my mom. I didn’t take many pictures as a young kid, and the ones I did take were often shaky/blurry/shitty. I spent a lot of time today picking which ones I want to post on here from 2006-2008, and I’m super glad that my photos weren’t the end of my selection.

So thanks for documenting my childhood and our family’s memories, Mom!


I have spent a few days now going through my pictures, organizing, and getting ready to put some posts together. So now I am making a list of past vacations and adventures so I don’t miss anything.

I’m thinking that I will release them in a random order, rather than chronological or reverse-chronological, because there are some trips and adventures that I am more excited to revisit than others!


A New Adventure!

So I thought this would be so easy to set up and would get going quickly. I was wrong… Sorting through photos, deciding what to say, and figuring out how to organize everything has been a real chore, so this will be a work in progress throughout the next few months.

Even though this is going to be a lot of work, I’m excited to look back through my memories and start building a list of new adventures!