Hiking in Jasper

I hadn’t been to Jasper since I was really little, so this was so much fun for me. It’s such a beautiful place! We saw waterfalls, mountains and rolling hills, lakes, and endless sunshine.

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Hiking Just Outside of Saskatoon

Cranberry Flats Conservation Area and Beaver Creek Conservation Area are really close to the city, so I was really excited to go do some hiking. Both places were so gorgeous, and I could have just kept walking all day at Cranberry Flats – I’ll need to go back to continue exploring!


Cranberry Flats

My oh my, I love this place so much. It’s beyond beautiful and there are opportunities for nearly endless exploring. It was a lovely sunny day and all the blues and greens were so vibrant.


The birds and bugs were singing and I made a few Boomerangs of the rustling grasses and chasing grasshoppers.


Greig Lake

We spent a couple great weeks at Greig Lake with family friends, spending time at the beach, mini golfing, hiking, fishing, and hanging out in our campsites.