Floating on Shuswap Lake

Salmon Arm of Shuswap Lake was a truly amazing place for a summer adventure. Our family rented a houseboat with my uncle, aunty, and cousins for a few days and had a grand time. The houseboat was super cool, with two levels and a little loft where my cousin and I slept. We cruised around the lake and tried to avoid all the bugs onshore.

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Las Vegas Adventure

I turned 21 this April, so my awesome parents took me to Vegas! We had a great time exploring the Strip and went on an adventure to Ethel M Chocolates and Cactus Garden one afternoon. Mom and Dad: thank you, thank you, thank you for this fun trip and the memories we made!

I hadn’t been on an airplane since 2011, so it was cool to see the teeny tiny things of the world again. Nevada had cool, circular agricultural plots – it was neat to see the different ways we ag in different climates. (Excuse my ag geekery.) The mountains were their typical beautiful and majestic selves, and I love me some clouds.

We flew early on a Sunday morning, so then we had all day to explore. My parents had been to the city twice before, but there was still a lot they hadn’t seen, so it was great that we got to do that together. I had done quite a lot of searching on Google before we went, so I had a list of things I really wanted to see and do. (Spontaneity clearly isn’t really my thing…)

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